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Successful day on the course with Jet Yard, LLC. Always nice to have friendly competition (we won) with such great partners for over 4 years. Thank you Jet Yard for Hosting!

#aviation #teardowns #wyattaerospace #golfday

Wyatt Aerospace

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In solidarity with our fellow aviation colleagues, we remember that day 19 years ago and the significance it holds for us all.


Wyatt Aerospace

Wyatt Aerospace

Labor Day: a creation of the labor movement dedicated to the achievements of the hard-working men and women in America.

"Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do."
— Steve Jobs

We hope you all have a great Labor Day Weekend!

Wyatt Aerospace

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eBay is more than just a site to sell aircraft parts, it is a site to rekindle fans with mementos of their favorite airlines. One specific couple reached out to us on WhaleTailSales for a special request. Pilot Gene Peterson and flight attendant Holly Rick, were aboard Flight 9771 that departed from Atlanta to its final resting place in Marana, AZ. As Queen of the Skies took its last flight, Holly and Gene planned to begin a new chapter together by getting married on this flight after landing in Marana.

"I am very sad to say goodbye to one of the most iconic airplanes that's ever been made, but we're thrilled and proud to have this lifelong memory of getting married on the last passenger 747 flight in the United States," Gene told Delta News.

Through our eBay site, Gene reached out to us with his request for a Throttle Quadrant as he was a pilot on this final flight. We were ecstatic to provide this item as a memory to cherish forever. Congratulations Gene Peterson and Holly Rick!!

To read more about their story visit:


Delta Air Lines eBay Delta Airlines

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Wyatt Aerospace

Wyatt Aerospace

We have to share this beautiful balloon bouquet that our talented Shari Marshall created for Kristina Dvorak's Bday today! Fun Fact. . . Kristina was the first employee that David Gilbert ever hired and it was her first after school job. We both have come a long way and are glad she is on our team! Happy Birthday Kristina Dvorak!